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phpIpacStats News current version: 0.5

19.7.2003 FAQ document released I wrote a small document where some questions are answered that I got per e-mail. see Documentation section
10.12.2002 Version 0.5 has been released. It features a few new configuration options, two new templates and a few bug-fixes. It now supports the new configuration file format of ipac-ng 1.23 and above. For all changes see changelog (section Documentation)

Special thanks to Friedrich Lobenstock, who has contributed a large part of the changes in this version!
29.9.2002 Important: Note that the new configuration file format of ipac-ng 1.23 is not yet supported. If you want to use this version you have to make a copy of your ipac.conf file, substitute all "ipac~i" by "in", all "ipac~o" by "out" and use this configuration file with phpIpacStats. Also the new directions "ipac~fi" and "ipac~fo" are not supported yet.
If you want to implement this features, you're welcome! :-)
09.05.2002 Sorry for the little downtime today, the site was transferred to a new machine.
30.4.2002 version 0.4.1 released, see documentation section for changelog
20.4.2002 New homepage design and structure
17.4.2002 CVS Repository of phpipacstats was moved to Please seee download section for details.
11.4.2002 Fixed bug which didn't allow digits in rule-names
8.4.2002 version 0.4 released

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